So why is pride a destructive force? Pride is more than feeling good when we accomplish something great.  Arrogant or conceited pride keeps us from loving others well.  Second, pride prevents us from seeing the sin of thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought.  Last, pride justifies self-centered behavior that erodes relationships.  Not only is pride destructive, … Continue reading “HOW PRIDE DESTROYS”

How to Convert Pridefulness to Gentleness and Humility

You might think you have the right to be prideful because of your position in life, accomplishments, or status in the community. None of those situations are bad, nor does it mean you have arrogant, self-centered pride. Being proud of your accomplishments is different than thinking you’re better than someone else. I have to admit … Continue reading “How to Convert Pridefulness to Gentleness and Humility”

Anger Issues Protected by Pride and Judgmental Strongholds

The pride and judgmental strongholds in my life protected many issues of anger generated from the humiliation, shame, injustices, betrayals, disappointments, and rejections throughout my life.  If you are unfamiliar with what mental strongholds are and my castle illustration, please read the following post first; STRONGHOLDS PART I—What are they and how do they affect us? … Continue reading “Anger Issues Protected by Pride and Judgmental Strongholds”

Wise People Give Extra

When you give more than is required to give, it makes the other person feel you genuinely care. When someone realizes you care, then they may reciprocate the feeling but don’t expect it. When you give extra, it often softens the heart of the other person. For example, if your boss asks you to work … Continue reading “Wise People Give Extra”

A Wise Person Seeks Peace and Reconciliation

Have you ever met an angry wise person? Why can’t an angry person be wise? I am writing a series of posts about being wise according to Jesus’s first sermon. In the last post, I explained how a wise person is salt and light in the world. This post will look at the second precept … Continue reading “A Wise Person Seeks Peace and Reconciliation”

The Mystery of Wisdom—Part 3

Where does someone get wisdom? Some people say that you gain wisdom from experiences as you age. Some people believe you get specific wisdom by becoming an expert at something. For example, if you are an expert at investing money, you can make the right decisions based on that knowledge. And some people believe you … Continue readingThe Mystery of Wisdom—Part 3


What is the correlation between wisdom and the fear of God? Can a worldly person who does not fear God be wise? In the last post, we learned that wisdom is a mystery. We also learned that it is better to have wisdom than gold, silver, and jewels and we need to seek it by … Continue readingTHE MYSTERY OF WISDOM—PART 2

16–God Promises to Reward Obedience

It feels good to be rewarded. You get that bonus or raise for your hard work, a party for meeting a goal, and so on. We learned in the last post that God tests us to see if we will obey Him. He also gives rewards for our obedience. According to (06/30/2022), obedience is … Continue reading “16–God Promises to Reward Obedience”

9—God Promises to Give You a New Life

Did you ever dream of living a different life, and what that would be like? I have been reflecting on the Scripture verses about living a new life for several weeks. I have been challenged to think differently, speak differently, and react differently. By differently, I mean think as Christ thinks, speak as Christ would … Continue reading “9—God Promises to Give You a New Life”

Getting The Most Out of Church

Do you sometimes go to church and feel empty and bored? Or do you feel encouraged and glad you went to Church? Do you prepare to meet God in the sanctuary? Where are your thoughts? In this church series, I am exploring unhealthy beliefs and the path to spiritual fulfillment. My first post covered why … Continue reading “Getting The Most Out of Church”