About this site

This website helps you resolve negative issues from your past.  My goal is to lead  you toward emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.  I realized that my past negative issues controlled my present destructive behavior.  And, while working with the women in the County Jail, I realized they were making destructive choices from their unresolved childhood issues.  So, I developed this hope for complete healing guide to offer hope and insight to help the girls in jail overcome their addictions and destructive choices.   I hope this helps you as well.

I discovered the result of emotional healing led to physical healing.  I explain this in greater detail on my page about physical healing.  I had a lot of physical problems medical intervention could not  resolve.   And, I had a lot of bad behavior and anger that controlled how I reacted in stressful situations. Nothing like stress to reveal what is really in our hearts. I am sure you can identify.  Also, after reading “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” by Stephen Covey, I wanted more than anything for my life to reflect the things he described in his book.  My desire to be healed gave me the motivation to do a lot of research on many healing methods.  I describe the methods that worked for me on this website.

You may not have an addiction problem, at least that you are aware of, and you may not have grown up in a dysfunctional family, but you may still have heart issues that control your behaviors and decisions. I discovered that most of our negative heart issues stem from repressed memories. In fact, we often don’t realize where our emotional and physical problems arise from. I encourage you to read about my findings, even if it is to help someone you love who may be in need of healing.