5–Finding Painful Memories and Healing Issues

If you haven’t read the previous chapters/pages, please do that now, so you fully understand the supporting theories for the instructions on this page and the remaining pages.  1–Healing Begins by Transforming Painful Memories  — 2–Removing Blocks to Healing  —3–Breaking Free From Mental Strongholds

Steps to Finding and Healing Painful Memories

  1. Ask God to loose and remove pride and any deceptive spirits that would keep you from humbling yourself and hearing from God.  As you read over each of the prayer focuses on the following pages, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth about the wounds in your heart and soul.  Next, list the issue(s), past or present that the Holy Spirit reveals to be healed or transformed.  Also, list other people’s wrong behavior that have affected you that are related to the issue to be healed.  Related generational sins, curses, or dysfunctions (any DNA markers) will need to be loosed.
  2. Recall the earliest or strongest memory of a time when you felt the same emotion(s) for each of the negative behaviors in the prayer focus. This does not have to be a memory of a similar situation or event; it only has to contain the same feelings.  It may be a memory of a general time period or situation in your life instead of one specific incident or actual event.  Then identify what is important about the time period or ongoing situation.  List all the beliefs and any new feelings associated with that memory (HCM, p. 32).
  3. After you have prayed the prescribed prayer model below, then think about the issue again, and rate your discomfort from 0 to 10.  If there isn’t an improvement, then ask the Holy Spirit to show you other facets of the memory that also need to be healed.  Wait quietly for a thought, feeling, or vision.

As you pray the prescribed prayer model below for each issue, breathe deeply to remain focused on the transformation of the Holy Spirit.  This prayer is not a formula but a guide.  Fill in the blanks with your specific facts the Holy Spirit shows you.

If the issue you are dealing with is an offense from another person’s sin or weakness, then pray from your heart:  Dear Lord, I forgive _(person’s name)_ for _(offense/hurt)_ and loose/put off this offense and the power it has over me in Jesus’ name.  Forgive me for _(sinful response to offense/hurt)_ and remove my guilt, in Jesus’ name.

Dear Lord, I ask that You find the unknown/subconscious strongholds, unhealthy beliefs, wrong thinking, oppressive spirit attachments, and destructive cellular memories, related to __[issue(s) being worked on] __. I loose/put off [_name specific revealed strongholds, painful memories, unhealthy beliefs, and wrong thinking_].

I thank You, Lord, for ___. And, I put on/bind to my mind and heart the following truths: (listed in associated fruit characteristics prayer focuses on the “Issues” worksheet pages.)

EXAMPLE PRAYER: Dear Lord, I forgive my mother for being frustrated, over-reactive, and not patient and kind when I needed her to be. I forgive her parents for being over-reactive to my mother and not modeling love through patience and kindness. I confess and forgive myself for being frustrated and over-reacting in the same way to my husband and children and not loving them by being patient and kind. Forgive me for reacting in anger toward my mother, sisters, husband, and children, and then in self-pity and despair toward myself.  Remove all my guilt, in Jesus’ name.

I ask that You show me the unknown/subconscious strongholds, unhealthy beliefs, wrong thinking, oppressive spirit attachments, destructive cellular memories, related to mine and my mother’s over-reactive nature and self-pity.

I loose and remove the resentment and disappointment and negative energy from my heart and mind of all the times my mother did not respond to me with love.  I loose the false belief that my mother did not love me or care about me.  And I loose the negative energy of resentment in my husband and children when I responded with frustration and over-reacted. Loose and remove the oppressive energy/spirits attached to the painful memories of mine and my mother’s frustration and overreaction, in Jesus’ name.

Thank You, Lord, for healing me and restoring love and patience to my heart toward my mother, sisters, husband, and children. I put on/bind to my mind and heart the truth that I can be self-controlled in my emotions and reactions. I can love my mother, sisters, husband, and children by being patient and kind as God is patient and kind to me, in Jesus’ name. Amen

(Prayed truth statements in the  Love, Patience, and Kindness prayer focuses.)

I can testify, along with others, that my life has been completely transformed by these steps to finding painful memories and healing issues outlined above.  I continue to see tremendous transformations as I pray the prescribed prayer model and work through the issues listed in the nine core prayer focuses of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  I now look in the mirror and see a happy, emotionally healthy, content woman, not a hurting, angry, anxious little girl.  When you look in the mirror what do you see?

I encourage you to repeat the nine core prayer focuses often, even if you just bind the truths and positive behaviors to your heart to reinforce your transformation.  Consider making it a part of your meditation/prayer time.  Dr. Caroline Leaf believes that it takes repeated work for permanent change to take effect, especially in the “non-conscious mind.”  These prayer focuses are just a tool.  As you read your Bible, you may see other areas in which your thinking and beliefs may not line up with the truth. Verbally and by faith (knowing it is the Holy Spirit doing the work in you), in Jesus’ name loose/put-off the wrong belief or thinking, then bind/put on the truth. Remember, that you will experience physical detox symptoms when you detox negative emotions and destructive memories, this is normal.

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