7 Ways to Suffer Well: (Part 1)

Why do we have to suffer?  Suffering is inevitable in this world. Having gone through much suffering myself, I can make seven suggestions for how to suffer well. 1.  Accept that suffering happens to everyone in the world, and we can’t control when, how, or what happens to us.  We can only control how we react to … Continue reading “7 Ways to Suffer Well: (Part 1)”

HOPE: How it Motivates and Inspires BUT God’s Sovereignty…

How does hope inspire us to change or get through difficult times? How does hope motivate and help us seek change in our lives? The Webster dictionary says hope is a feeling that what is wanted will happen; desire accompanied by anticipation or expectation. The Bible says faith is being sure of what we hope … Continue reading “HOPE: How it Motivates and Inspires BUT God’s Sovereignty…”

EVIL—What is it and what is the remedy?

Why do people murder, hurt children, and cause destruction? Some say they have a mental illness. I believe they have a depraved soul, which is controlled by evil intentions.  So, what is evil? According to Webster, the term evil means bad; wicked; depraved (corrupt; perverted), and causing pain or trouble. There isn’t a human being that is not … Continue reading “EVIL—What is it and what is the remedy?”

Anger Issues Protected by Pride and Judgmental Strongholds

The pride and judgmental strongholds in my life protected many issues of anger generated from the humiliation, shame, injustices, betrayals, disappointments, and rejections throughout my life.  If you are unfamiliar with what mental strongholds are and my castle illustration, please read the following post first; STRONGHOLDS PART I—What are they and how do they affect us? … Continue reading “Anger Issues Protected by Pride and Judgmental Strongholds”

Living a Victorious Life

The girls in my county jail Bible study struggle to live successful lives.  Most of their problems and troubles result from their wrong thinking.  The progression of thoughts to results is as follows.  What we think affects our emotions.  Our emotions create beliefs.  Our beliefs control our behavior.  And, our behavior directs the events of … Continue reading “Living a Victorious Life”


Do you have problems with suspicion, jealousy, betrayal, and defensiveness?  Have you let people down by not keeping your promises or has someone not honored their commitment to you?  If yes, you need healing for past and present trust and faithfulness issues.   In fact, the negative issues listed below create offenses in your heart, that … Continue reading “TRUST AND FAITHFULNESS Issues”


Do you become frustrated, angry, or upset when expectations are not met? Do you become frustrated when you feel something is unfair or unjust?  If you do, you need healing for past and present patience issues.  In fact, when other people are not patient with you, it creates offenses in your heart that impair your ability … Continue reading “PATIENCE Issues”