If I could take a before and after picture of my life, it would look like the following:

Angry cat




Before my life was transformed, I was an angry, anxious, sad, and insecure person. I was emotionally unpredictable and upset about something most of the time. I desired to love others well from a pure heart. My journey to loving well began over 20 years ago. After years of Bible studies, counseling, reading self-help books, and trying their principles, I was still that same angry, anxious, sad, and insecure person. My breakthrough came at a workplace relations seminar. A participant shared a problem she was having with a co-worker. The speaker said that her co-worker might have unresolved childhood issues. This answer intrigued me, as it may intrigue you.

I researched how and why unresolved negative issues affect our thinking, feelings, and behavior. During my research, I discovered I had many unresolved childhood memories that affected my health and behavioral choices. My painful memories created unhealthy beliefs that controlled my feelings and how I behaved. After applying the transforming principles I share on this website, I now experience love, joy, peace, and more. My new reality is based on the truth. The truth about myself, God, and others has transformed my relationships and how I view the world.

I share the principles that helped me discover a new reality in a short book detailing my research and the practical principles that changed my life.  Please join me on my transformation journey to discover a new reality for your life by starting here: 1–Healing Begins by Transforming Painful Memories

Hope For Complete Healing

Transformational Testimony and Teaching  by Joyce Holzman Hanscom

Copyright 2015 — All rights reserved.

 “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper and be in good health,
just as your soul prospers.” –3 John 2 (NASB)

I have completed the much-awaited book called Breaking Mental Strongholds. You can order Breaking Mental Strongholds on Amazon.

Also, check out my first book on Amazon. I would love to hear what you think.

If you read my book and find it helpful, please leave a review. Also, if you want to do a Bible study with it, email me and ask for a free PDF of the leader’s guide. The PDF will have suggested discussion questions after each section. Quick links to all the scriptures in the endnotes for you to review or to copy and paste into your notes. Website links to review supporting material. Contact me at

16 thoughts on “DISCOVER A NEW REALITY”

  1. Thank u so much .I own nothing in life ,except me .I really needed this .I am a good person .but have alot of hate in me ,for the way people treat me .i believe I need to work on letting go of things and forgive .cause that’s gotta be what’s blocking my blessings .love always candace wagner

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    1. What happened to you is registered in your memory and has wounded your soul, and it can’t be let go, it needs to be healed. Healing takes time and God has been healing me, but I first had to submit my issues to Him and seek His healing. Keep working through my Issues worksheets until all the wounds are healed. And you are right, forgiveness is key to healing. I am praying for you.

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  2. Forgiveness IS the key to healing! Unfortunately people have the misconception that forgiveness is a feeling, so they wait until they feel better, which usually doesn’t happen without forgiveness! :/
    But forgiveness is a CHOICE, and if we make that choice, regardless of whether or not we feel like it at the moment, that’s when God starts working… But that’s probably what your book says. 😉
    Blessings – Annie


  3. Thanks for your like of my post, “Let Praise Fill Our Streets :” you are very kind. May Christ, our Lord and Savior, richly bless you in all that you do as you serve Him.


  4. I really enjoyed reading your post. I found so much truth and beauty in this. I just did a post yesterday about the things our world needs right now because everyone is facing challenges we could have never imagined. I think we all need to try spreading positivity to help others through the struggles they might be facing. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts and hope if you have time, you will check my site out. I do the best I can to keep things honest and real, but to encourage others as well!


      1. I have been reading series of your online books, and my life is trasformed day by, and never the same. God is still processing complete healing miracle in my salvation journey. I am deeply touched and uplifted spiritually through reading “hope for complete healing”
        May our good Lord continue to use that you may be able to reach out to many.

        Thanks very much


    1. I am thankful you found this post helpful. I tell everyone about the trash story as I share how we must turn every concern over to God, and He will be faithful to help us, either to overcome a bad attitude or take care of our concerns. No more trash is being thrown in my yard. God bless you richly as you grow in your faith.


  5. Hi Joyce. Your book has answered some many questions about my life that I wonder about for years. I didn’t know why I was angry now I do thanks to you. When i was a kid my Auntie called me a name that I just realized today was the reason for my angry all of these years. Pride has been my problem as an adult. I know what to do now thanks to you. My prayers have been answered. Thanks so much for telling your story.


    1. Praise the Lord. I am glad God has used my story to help you become free. The healing work has just begun. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and continue to put off the other painful memories that keep you in bondage. Share my web address with others in your circle of influence who may be struggling with negative issues from painful memories. God Bless, Joyce

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  6. Thank you very much For sharing search an inspiring message.
    I am deeply touched and uplifted spiritually at the moment.

    I have been working on forgiveness towards a lot that as to do with the reletionships. The fact that it is a necessary art to apply in order to gain Spiritual, physical and emotional healing. It is also a dairy exercise. I hoping that the grace towards achieving fully spirit of forgiving love and transportation too.

    More Favor and grace to you

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