Refer to 5–Finding Bad Memories and Healing Issues to identify trauma memories related to your trust and faithfulness issues listed below.

Confess and loose/put off the following statements you identify with, along with all associated memories, unhealthy beliefs, and oppressive energies/spirits.  It is helpful to keep a prayer journal so you can see how you have been healed and share your testimony.

Distrust: doubt; suspicion; to have no trust, faith, or confidence in

Betrayal: failure to meet the hopes of; to deceive; lead astray; victimize (to cheat; to suffer loss)

Defensiveness: guard against attack; an argument to justify or vindicate for self-protection

Dread: to fear greatly; be in extreme apprehension of

Suspiciousness: believing something bad, wrong, harmful, etc. with little or no supporting evidence; suspecting

Deceit: lying; present as true what is false.

Defiance: bold resistance to authority or opposition; to challenge

Loose UNHEALTHY BELIEFS AND LIES—bind in the opposite

I cannot trust; no one can be trusted (Bind in – I can trust God only and leave others in His hands.)

I am awful; I have done awful things and thought awful thoughts.  I can’t trust in anything except the coming punishment that I deserve.

I don’t know what it means to feel trust and probably never will.

I can’t trust anyone after what I have experienced, after what I have done, and after what I have seen.  There is a hole in my heart where trust should be.

If I trust that things will work out and get better, then the coming pain is just that much more upsetting.

I trust what I have in my own hands, in my bank account, what I own, and what I control.

It is better to realize that everyone is out for himself, including me.

I am trustworthy.  The only times I do bad things is when it’s justified.

TRUST AND FAITHFULNESS IS Pray and bind/put on all of the following attributes and truths:

Trust: to believe in the honesty, integrity, justice, etc. of; having confidence in; rely on (especially in God).

Honest: does not lie; cheat; or steal; truthful

Loyal: faithful adherence to a person, government, cause, duty, etc.

Reliable: able to be trusted; predictable or dependable

Fidelity: faithful devotion to duty or one’s obligations or vows; loyalty

Faithful: worthy of trust; dependable; full of faith

Dependable: trustworthy; reliable

Submissive: yield to the actions, control, power, etc. docile


It is safe to trust God and do what is good, and He will direct me. Ps. 37:3-5

I can trust God’s faithfulness to be a shield around me as I put my trust in Him, and I will not be afraid. Ps. 91:4; 56:4,11

Trust believes the good thing God is doing, and my heart does not need to be troubled, for He is my salvation.  John 14:1, Isa. 25:9

I can be trusted, and I am faithful with what God has given me. Lk. 16:10

I can trust and believe that my life has a purpose and that God has a plan for my life, which gives me hope… Jer. 29:11-14

As I trust in God, He is my refuge, and His unfailing love and favor surround me. Ps. 32:10; 7:1; 5:12

When I trust and believe in Jesus, I will not be disappointed.  Rom. 9:33; I Peter 2:6b

I will not put my hope in the uncertainty of riches but in God who richly supplies me with all things to enjoy. I Tim. 6:17; Phil 4:19

I am blessed when I trust and hope in the Lord, and I make him my confidence.  Jer. 17:7

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