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Four Realities of the Spirit World
Understanding the reality of the Spirit world will help us stand firm against the destructive influences on our lives. The truth of the spirit world helps us keep in perspective our purpose and faith.

County Jail Study on Psalms 103
King David wrote this Psalm later in his life and we know this because he wrote this Psalm from a deep understanding of God’s grace and mercy. He understood all the benefits of being in a right relationship with God and he was thankful. What is more amazing is the fact that we have a greater understanding of Psalms 103 and it has more meaning to us because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us.

12 JOY Stealers

7 Ways to Suffer Well: (Part 1)

Joseph, an Example of Suffering Well and God’s Response: Part 2 of Suffering Well

How do we Know our Purpose?
Have you figured out the purpose for your existence? I wondered what my purpose was for many years, but then I saw purpose in every day in how I treated other people. Purpose is to aim, intend, or resolve to do something. Did you ever think that our purpose is to resolve to show love, be kind, be patient and gentle with annoyances, spread joy, ease a burden for someone, live in peace with others, be faithful to our family and employers, be trustworthy and not lie, and lastly to be self-controlled and not indulge our unhealthy feelings or desires. The following verses are well known to many concerning God’s purposes.

EVIL—What is it and what is the remedy?
Why do people murder, hurt children, and cause destruction? Some say they have a mental illness. I believe they have a depraved soul that is controlled by evil. So, what is evil?

Be Blessed or Be Cursed

How can we be a blessing to someone or be a curse to someone.  Do our words encourage or discourage?  Do you want to be blessed by God or be cursed by God? Being blessed is being encouraged and made joyful with good things.