4–Transforming Heart Issues Heals You Physically

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a Cellular Biologist, researched the causes of illness in the human body. He found that over 95% of all illnesses (mental and physical) are from stress created by trauma memories and unhealthy beliefs. Internalized stress damages the cells of your body, causing weakness, which makes you susceptible to illness.

For example, because of my painful memories of not being valued, I had internal stress when I thought someone was disregarding me. Then I have a fight-or-flight reaction based on my unhealthy beliefs and emotional programming, which then caused physical problems in my body. Dr. Lipton also discovered that eliminating harmful, false beliefs will even heal genetic illness and disease. When I resolved my painful memories of not being valued, my physical problems went away.

His research results also show that over 90% of what affects our thoughts, feelings, and actions are from suppressed memories stored in the cells of our body. To learn more, go to brucelipton.com.  Also, check out Southwestern Medical School’s research on cellular memories. Dr. Caroline Leaf, a Neuroscientist, also reports similar findings. https://www.youtube.com/user/DrCarolineLeaf

Drs. Loyd and Johnson also found that your body will heal itself when you heal bad memories and unhealthy beliefs. According to their research, painful memories create toxic emotional energy that disrupts your cell’s balance. I discovered that my many health issues resolved when I transformed my painful memories. The next list is from the Healing Codes Manual. They have associated different body systems with each fruit of the Spirit characteristic, as explained next.

LOVE issues: Endocrine (Hormonal) System: hypothalamus/pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, gonads, pancreas (insulin production), pineal

JOY issues: Integumentary (Skin) System, oil and lubrication glands, hair, nails

PEACE issues: Gastrointestinal System: mouth, esophagus (swallowing), stomach, large and small intestines, gallbladder, pancreas (digestive function), and liver

PATIENCE issues: Immune System: phagocytes, cytokines, b-lymphocytes and t-lymphocytes, parts of the lymph nodes, tonsils, bone marrow, spleen, liver, lungs, and intestines

KINDNESS issues: Central Nervous System: brain, spinal cord, nerves

GOODNESS issues: Respiratory System: lungs and bronchi, pulmonary arteries and veins, sinuses, throat, trachea

TRUSTWORTHY/FAITHFULNESS issuesReproduction System and Urinary Tract (kidneys, ureter, bladder, and urethra)

HUMILITY/GENTLENESS issues: Circulatory System: heart, aorta and vena cava, arteries and arterioles, veins and venules, and Lymphatic System

SELF-CONTROL issues: Muscular/Skeletal System: bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue

When I have a chronic health issue, I see what fruit characteristic is associated with my problem. Then, I look through the Spirit Characteristic Worksheet and ask God to show me a painful memory or unhealthy belief that needs healing.  I have had great results.

Personal Healing Testimonies

For almost a year, I had terrible muscle cramping in my back that pulled the ligaments in my shoulder, which significantly restricted arm movement. The doctors and medication could not resolve this painful condition. So, I began to think it might be a physiological reaction, so I looked for the prayer focus that affected the muscles and ligaments. I read through the virtues and negative emotions/actions and waited on the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart. He showed me I felt helpless to help my oldest son and wanted to control his life. I prayed a specific prayer using the prayer guide for my negative/wrong thinking and unhealthy beliefs. I pictured Jesus guiding my son. The very next day, my muscles relaxed, and I could use my right arm without pain.

The stress of a job lay-off and harassment caused crippling fibromyalgia symptoms. My condition improved as I prayed the specific prayers for each negative heart issue related to my adverse reactions. Within a month, I could walk without pain. I also began experiencing joy and peace, even though my work situation had not improved.

I discovered that when I think of an old offense and feel the negative emotion again, it will recreate the harmful stress reactions. If this happens to you, pray and submit the issue to God before the devil gets another foothold (Eph. 4:26, 27). I had to yield my anxious thoughts to God many times after my lay-off.

I discovered that our past sins and offenses have attached oppressive energies/spirits. So, as we renew our old life through prayer and the truth of God’s Word, we also need to loose/put off the oppressive energy/spirit attachments for complete healing. Removing oppressive spirit attachments prevent the same trouble from befalling us again and again.

Read through the nine Spirit characteristic worksheet pages often, even if you just bind the truths and positive behaviors to your heart to reinforce your transformation. Dr. Caroline Leaf believes it takes repeated work for a permanent change to take effect, especially in the “non-conscious mind.” These prayer focuses are just a tool. As you read your Bible, you may see other areas where your thinking and beliefs may not line up with the truth. Verbally and by faith (knowing it is the Holy Spirit doing the work in you), in Jesus’ name loose/put-off the wrong belief or thinking, then bind/put on the truth. Remember, you will experience physical detox symptoms when you detox negative emotions and bad memories; this is normal.

I am free from offenses, trauma memories, oppressive energies, unhealthy beliefs, vows, curses, strongholds, and demonic attachments using the prayer focuses in this healing guide. I can testify, along with others, that these prayers have entirely transformed my life. I now look in the mirror and see a happy, emotionally healthy, content woman, not a hurting, angry, anxious little girl.

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