Do you become frustrated, angry, or upset when expectations are not met or you suffer a wrong action or a difficult situation?  If you do, then you need healing for past and present patience issues.  In fact, when other people are not patient with you, it creates offenses in your heart, that impairs your ability to be patient and love others well. 

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Ask God to remove pride and deceptive spirits that would keep you from humbling yourself and hearing from Him. Write what He shows you in your journal.

For each issue listed below, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the following:

      • Related painful memory
          • past or present
          • your sin or another person’s unloving behavior
      •      Unhealthy beliefs.
      •      Word curses or vows.
      •      Your sinful reactions to the painful event that upset someone.

Recall the earliest or strongest memory of a time when you felt the same emotion(s) for each of the negative behaviors in the fruit focuses. It does not have to be a memory of a similar situation or event; it only must contain the same feelings. It may be a memory of a general time-period (i.e. birth, toddler, elementary, etc.) or situation (i.e. death, sickness, divorce, etc.) in your life instead of one specific incident or actual event. Identify what is important about the time-period or ongoing situation. List all the beliefs and any new feelings associated with that memory.

If you are angry at God for what happened, confess it and ask Him to take your angry emotions and resentment from you. I was angry at God and He still loved me, and He still loves you.

Frustration: a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety or depression, resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems

Anger: a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath

Injustice: a wrong or injury

Unfairness: treated with partiality and inequality

Bitterness: characterized by intense antagonism or hostility

Self-centered: concerned only with one’s own affairs; selfish; want things done your way only

Loose UNHEALTHY BELIEFS AND LIES and bind in the opposite truth

Something must change right now for me to be okay. (Bind/put on: I am okay because I value myself, and I value others.)

Why even bother to consider being patience, no one else is patient. (Bind/put on: I show my maturity and wisdom when I am patient.)

Is the issue generational. (i.e. sins, curses, or dysfunctions) which are passed down through DNA markers that need to be loosed. Or, is the issue related to a soul tie that needs to be removed.

Pray the example prescribed prayer below for each issue the Holy Spirit reveals. As you pray, breathe deeply to remain focused on the transformation of the Holy Spirit, which also releases emotional stress. This prayer is not a formula but a guide. Fill in the blanks with the specific facts the Holy Spirit shows you. Writing out this prayer model helps you focus on the Holy Spirit flow, which will reveal other false/unhealthy beliefs or memories for the issue being healed.

If the issue you are dealing with is an offense from another person’s sin or weakness then pray from your heart:

Dear Lord, I forgive _(person’s name)_ for _(offense)_. Loose/put off the resentment and the power it has over me, in Jesus’ name. Forgive me. Lord, for _(sinful response to issue)_ and remove my guilt, in Jesus’ name.

Lord, thank You for helping me by Your grace and power to overcome the negative heart issue of ___. By the authority of Jesus Christ, loose and remove all oppressive spirits and negative emotions attached to the memory of ____, in Jesus’ name. By Your power and authority, I loose every related wrong thinking and unhealthy belief(s) of ____, in Jesus’ name. I put on/bind to my mind, heart, and soul the following truths:____.

Lord, I am thankful for how You _(protected, rescued, helped, provided for, guided, or comforted)_ me in this painful time in my life. Replace this painful memory with the vision of You loving me. (Take a moment and see God shielding you and holding you in your memory.)

Lord, loose and remove DNA markers for generational sins, curses, or dysfunctions related to the issue of ___. Break exposed soul ties, word curses, and vows of ___. And, destroy all evil spirit attachments to _(negative issue)_. In Jesus’ name. Amen

After you have prayed the prayer model, think about the issue again, and rate your discomfort from 0 to10. If there isn’t an improvement, then ask the Holy Spirit to show you other facets of the issue that also need to be healed. Wait for a word, thought, feeling, or vision. List all the beliefs and any additional feelings associated with that memory.

PATIENCE ISPray and bind/put on all the following attributes and truths to your mind and heart:

Bear or endure pain, trouble, inconvenience, etc. without complaint, losing self-control, making a disturbance, etc.

Forbearing: tolerate (to put up with).  Keep oneself in check.  Refusing to be provoked or angered, as by an insult or frustration

Just: moral principle determining right conduct

Fair: treating of both or all sides alike

Persevering: steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement (does not quit)

Merciful: compassionate or kindly forbearance shown toward an offender, an enemy, or person in one’s power


Being patient comes from wisdom, and it is to my glory to overlook an offense and not be prideful and haughty.  Prov. 19:11; Eccl. 7:8b

Being patient calms a quarrel but anger stirs up strife, so I loose/put off anger and wanting things my way. Prov 15:18

I can be patient with everyone and bear with them.  And not complain about them but to forgive them as Christ is patient with me and forgives me. 1 Thes. 5:14b; Col. 3:12b,13

By patience and faith will I see the promises of God found in His Word. Heb. 6:12

I can rejoice in hope, be patient in affliction, praying always… Rom. 12:12

I trust God to give me what I truly need in His perfect, divine timing. Phil. 4:19; Luke 12:22-34

I can be humble, gentle, and patient; showing tolerance for others in love… Eph. 4:2

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