Are you discontent, feel helpless at times, overreact, and sometimes manipulate?  If yes, you need healing for past or present self-control problems.  In fact, the negative issues listed below create offenses in your heart, that impairs your ability to be self-controlled, and love others well.

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Read through the list below. If any of the negative issues, unhealthy beliefs, or behaviors on this list evokes a negative emotion, go back to 5–Finding Painful Memories and Healing Issues to identify the related painful memories.  Be sure to loose/put off the oppressive energies and spirits attached to each painful memory.  It is helpful to keep a prayer journal to track your healing.

Laziness: not eager or willing to work or exert oneself

Entitlement: deserving of special treatment with no return or responsibility

Helplessness: without power to help oneself; feeble; weak; without protection; incompetent; inefficient

Disconnectedness: to be separated; break connection

Out of control emotions:  Overreactive

Insecurity: feeling more anxious than seems warranted; not feeling safe

Manipulation: manage or control by shrewd (artful, cunning; clever) use of influence for one’s own purposes or profit.

Loose UNHEALTHY BELIEFS AND LIES—bind in the opposite

I can’t do it.  I’m not capable.  Others should do it for me.  It’s not fair. (Bind/put on:  I can do all things with God’s help.)

My life wouldn’t be such a mess if I had any self-control.

No matter how many times I tried to do or not do something, it didn’t work.  Why continue trying?

Lack of self-control caused me to lose what I valued most.  I couldn’t make myself do the right thing, and I have been paying for it ever since.

Self-control is like an opponent you have to wrestle to the floor and never let up.  As soon as I relax, the darker side takes right over.

I can stop ___ any time I want.  I just don’t want to!

People pay attention when I rant and rave.  I don’t control myself; I control them.

People are pathetic when they can’t control themselves.  When I choose excess, it is a choice, not a weakness in my character.


Pray and bind/put on all the following attributes and truths to your mind and heart:

Not reactive:  In control of oneself, or of one’s own emotions, desires, actions, etc.

Diligent: constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind

Moderate: avoidance of excesses or extremes

Feeling supported: favored and approved; encouraged; helped; comforted

Connected: fit in; affiliated (be a member of); associated (be in a relationship with  another as a companion, partner, friend, etc.)

Feeling Secure: free from fear, care, doubt, or anxiety; not worried, troubled, or apprehensive.  Free from danger; safe


I can be self-controlled and resist temptation, and I can say no to ungodliness and worldly desires. Titus 2:12; Pr. 25:28

When I am self-controlled, I am temperate, worthy of respect, and sound in faith, in love, and in perseverance (I do not quit).  Titus 2:2

Self-control is one quality of the Christian life I am developing, along with faith, moral excellence, knowledge, perseverance, godliness, kindness, and love.  I will increase these qualities in my life, so I am not useless  nor unfruitful in the true knowledge of Christ Jesus.  As long as I practice these things, I will never stumble.
2 Pet. 1:5-10

I can trust God is in control of every circumstance for my good, and not lean on my own understanding, which brings healing to my body.  Prov. 3:5-8

Self-control is one characteristic of the fruit of the Spirit. Self-control is evident in my life when I walk by the Spirit and crucify my passions and evil desires daily. Gal. 5:22-25; Luke 9:23; Rom 6:6

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