County Jail Testimonies of Change

Many of the ladies in the county jail Bible study have many deep-seated struggles and emotional issues.  It is so exciting to see how they change and transform over the weeks and months.  Most women attend the Bible study only once or several times so I don’t get to see how they transform but the few who come for several months and years I get to walk with them through the transformation experience.  I will not be sharing a lot of details in order to protect their identity and their privacy.  I will be adding to this page from time to time, so keep checking back.

Here is the story of one of my ladies I will call P.  When P first came into my study she was completely broken and feeling totally hopeless. She could not stop crying.  As she went through my healing book (found in this website) she began to see victory over the many problems in her life.  At one point she was released from jail but returned several months later when she broke parole.  She continued to grow and learn, and to hear how she responds to disappointment in a healthy way instead of getting angry, is wonderful to see.  In fact, she has experienced such a transformation that she wants to know do the same thing in the county jail where she is originally from.  This is one of many testimonies I will be sharing.  For her and all the inmates, being able to forgive those who hurt them is huge, and it is at this point when they do forgive that they feel the peace they never knew they could feel.  I have seen incredable miracles in the lives and situations of these ladies.

This next testimony was very heartbreaking for me because I knew this particular inmate when I was a teacher and I remember that she was very bright.  Unfortunately, she became addicted to lying and ended up extorting money from a lot of people.  She was in the Bible study for two years while she waited for her sentencing.  As her story unfolded we would work with her, using the principles outlined in this website, in order to heal and transform her wrong thoughts and beliefs that she developed from the many tragedies in her life.  The transformation in her life was amazing.  She intends to pay back everyone she extorted money from when she is finished with her sentence.  From this story, I learned that every human heart wants to be loved and cared for.  This particular young lady saw that lying was able to get the attention and love she so desperately wanted.  So when those memories of not getting the attention and love she craved were healed, then her problem with lying was transformed.

Many of the women who come to the bible study deal with abandonment issues. Many of the women also come from adopted families and have had to give up their children for adoption as a result of their addictions.  One young lady, who had been adopted, had deep-seated anger toward her adoptive father from the time her adoptive mother had died.  Not only did this young lady feel abandoned by her birth parents, but also by her adoptive father and mother when her adoptive mother died.  When she recognized why she was angry, and then went through the forgiveness process, her whole life appeared to get lighter.  She could see why she made the choices she made, which was a result of her anger towards her father.  Once the unhealthy beliefs and the wrong thinking were transformed with the truth, then she had so much joy and peace.