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The Mystery of Wisdom-Overview

My website is about changing false, unhealthy beliefs to experience a new reality. So, what does the Bible say about wisdom? The Bible says a lot about wisdom and being wise. I want to learn more, so as I dig into the Word of God, I will share my findings with you in the next several posts.


What is the correlation between wisdom and the fear of God? Can a worldly person who does not fear God be wise? In the last post, we learned that wisdom is a mystery. We also learned that it is better to have wisdom than gold, silver, and jewels and we need to seek it by … Continue reading

The Mystery of Wisdom—Part 3

Where does someone get wisdom? Some people say that you gain wisdom from experiences as you age. Some people believe you get specific wisdom by becoming an expert at something. For example, if you are an expert at investing money, you can make the right decisions based on that knowledge. And some people believe you … Continue reading

The Mystery of Wisdom –Part 4

Have you ever wondered why some people make foolish decisions that get them in trouble? In this post, we will learn why some people are wiser than others. In part one, we learned the difference between worldly and spiritual wisdom. In part two, we learned that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom … Continue reading

The Mystery of Wisdom—Part 5

Have you ever played a game where the rules kept changing? How much chaos did that create? Did you think it was fair when another person changed the rules to give them an advantage? God is just, so He values regulations and laws. Without laws, there is chaos, and people will follow their self-centered, sinful … Continue reading

The Mystery of Wisdom—Part 6

Have you ever planted a garden but weren’t motivated to weed and water your garden? What happens? Your heart is the garden, and you plant truth and wisdom from God’s Word into your heart. Fearing God and obeying His commands is the beginning of wisdom. Let’s say you fear God and obey Him and pray … Continue reading

The Mystery of Wisdom—Part 7

So why is wisdom more important than gold and riches? What are the benefits of having wisdom? For advertisers to get us to buy their product, they must show how it will benefit us. In this post, I will share Scripture passages written by King Solomon, the wisest and richest man to ever live, that … Continue reading

Who shows wisdom? – Part 8

Would you agree that knowing about wisdom and having understanding does not mean you are wise at making good decisions? Do you want to exercise wisdom through what you say and do? Can someone testify that you are wise in what you say or do? King Solomon was known to be the wisest man ever to live. He wanted wisdom more than riches. Why? 

Mystery of Wisdom Summary

How much do you know about wisdom? To know if you are wise, see if you can answer the following questions? Click the link for a reminder.