The Meaning of Life — MOORE IN THE WORD

Let’s lighten it up a bit. My last blog entry caused a bit of a stir, so let’s soften the mood with an easier and lighter topic.  How about THE MEANING OF LIFE (pause for dramatic music).  What is the meaning of life?  What is your purpose, what is your task?  Where might we go to find […]

The Meaning of Life — MOORE IN THE WORD

I came across this great post. I hope you enjoy it. I am hiking the Mid State Trail (MST) to the Maryland border from Everett over the next four days, so I didn’t get a post written. I also hiked 27 miles of the MST last weekend as well. As I was hiking the roughest part (I hope) of the trail (5 miles up and down a rocky ridge) above Everett , I realized that life is like hiking, and I began to write a post on my thoughts. Hope to share that post soon.

Author: Joyce Holzman Hanscom

I teach incarcerated women in the county jail about how to discover a new reality for their lives. Discovering a new reality is achieved when you heal emotions from painful memories and transform negative heart issues. When false beliefs are transformed by truth, then you can love from a pure heart and make wise decisions.

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