On September 1, I began fighting the Delta Coronavirus. I am 59, with a weak immune system and several autoimmune diseases. My experience is not CO-VID misinformation but how my husband, sister, and I overcame the virus. So, why did I not get the vaccine when most of my family did get the vaccine? First, I am not a good candidate. Second, I am a logical data analytics person. I wanted to see what data emerged after the COVID shots began. I wanted to observe how effective the shots were, what the side effects were.

I learned that the shots only protect you from getting a bad case of the virus, but you can still get the virus, transmit it to others, and still die. So, why should I get the shot? The data that is glaringly missing and most concerning to me is the side effects. In the beginning, I saw testimonies of people who had side effects, but then they were suppressed.  Why? I found out that many who died from the complications of the CO-VID shot were considered coincidental. I have the right to know what my risks are. Also, why are the medical doctors who are sounding the alarm being suppressed and canceled? My skepticism is growing, not because I am stupid, as the media would divisively accuse.

Surviving Any Virus

God created the human body to take care of invading viruses and bacteria and heal itself. But we need to take care of our wonderfully made bodies to have a healthy immune system and a robust endocrine system. First, I eat 50-80% raw food and avoid foods with chemicals and added sugar/corn syrup to stay in good health. Second, I avoid sugar/corn syrup because it is the #1 suppressor of our immune system that also causes the most inflammation in our brains and bodies. Third, I supported my immune system with natural supplements. So, the best way to survive a Corona or SARS virus is to have a healthy body and a strong immune system. Studies showed that those with adequate vitamin D had a greater chance of staying out of the hospital.

Being a school teacher for many years, I was exposed to many viruses.  I learned how to keep my immune system strong because, inevitably, I would fight every virus the students brought into the classroom. I took very few sick days when I supplemented with Vitamin C (ascorbates), Zinc picolinate, Echinacea, elderberry syrup, and an odorless garlic supplement to support my immune system. If I got a SARS virus, I would take Myrrh to protect my lungs, which worked well for me. So, when I started to feel sick (soreness in my nose, eyes, and throat), I immediately started supporting my immune system. I also added Stinging Nettle to relieve pain, inflammation, detox, strengthen my immunity, and so on.

Many of my friends, who also got the Delta variant, relied on pharmaceutical drugs to relieve the symptoms and had the most challenging time overcoming this virus. When you need them, there is nothing wrong with pharmaceutical medications, but they do not support the immune system. It took me a little more than three weeks to recover because of my compromised immune system.  My husband recovered in about eight days, and my sister recovered in about four days. My sister is a natural health practitioner and did other things to heal faster.

Where is God When We are Sick?

When I had no energy during the worst of the coronavirus fight, I could only pray. I sought God for strength and healing because I did not know if I would get worse and die or overcome it. I reminded God of His faithfulness and promises never to leave nor forsake me. I trusted Him to strengthen my body to fight the coronavirus and give me the wisdom to know what my body needed to fight off the virus. I relied every day on God to help me because I knew He was faithful and loved me.  What if I did get worse and ended up in ICU? Would God be less faithful or not love me?  Not at all.

Some of my Christian friends did get worse and had to go on oxygen or spend time in the hospital. Sometimes we get bitter at God when our prayers are not answered; sometimes, we reap what we sow.  If we put junk food into our bodies, well, we will reap poor health and a weak immune system. I was sick all the time when I ate the typical American diet. I would pray for healing and not be healed. So, I began to educate myself about how to keep our amazing bodies strong. Read my blog post called Sick and Tired? Change Your Destiny! Be Free From the Infirmity Stronghold to learn more about how I changed my destiny by changing what I ate.

Why do we need a vaccine?

Since the development of vaccines, we have defeated many diseases. I am vaccinated against those diseases, and so are my children. I discovered that the COVID shot is not a true vaccine and is not designed to eliminate disease. The Moderna and Pfizer injections do not have any attenuated form of the intended organism within their solutions, which does not meet the vaccine classification.

We were told to get the vaccine so we could eradicate COVID and get back to normal. We all wanted that, and many blindly flocked to get the injections, but we were lied to. Now we have division in our country, and the vaccine-hesitant are treated as evil and discriminated against. Mandating this experimental shot is tearing the very fiber of our great country apart. Our hospitals are being short-staffed as many doctors, nurses, and technicians are leaving or being fired. Out fire, police, and ambulance companies are being short staffed. Our education system is being understaffed. I am very disturbed by this. Why are we being forced to be part of an experiment against our will and better judgment? Though the FDA approved the COVID shots, the FDA and CDC guidelines say that all vaccines must go through a three-year safety efficacy study first.

Besides, viruses mutate, and now we see that the original COVID shot does not protect you against the mutations.  Keeping our bodies healthy and strong and supporting our immune system is the best way to overcome invading viruses.

I hope my experience helps, educates, and encourages you.  You do not have to be afraid of the COVID virus. It is never too late to learn as much as you can about supporting your immune system and keeping the supplements available that I shared in this post.

Keep praying for our country and many other countries who are mandating this injection.


Unanswered Prayer? Why?

A Plan for Living a Completely Healed Life

Author: Joyce Holzman Hanscom

I teach incarcerated women in the county jail about how to discover a new reality for their lives. Discovering a new reality is achieved when you heal emotions from painful memories and transform negative heart issues. When false beliefs are transformed by truth, then you can love from a pure heart and make wise decisions.

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