Addiction Strongholds

ADDICTION, there is hope of freedom and I have found the key to breaking those strongholds. What really is an addiction? Most people think an addiction has to do with drugs and alcohol and it does. But really? Is that all? Webster’s dictionary says that an addiction is a habit or practice, especially a bad habit. For example, are you in the habit of watching TV every night, playing video games for hours, eating ice cream before going to bed, spending hours on social media, etc. These things are not necessarily bad habits in and of themselves, but these things are bad in a sense that they rob the person of the freedom to not do it. The bad habit or practice may rob the person of quality family time, being productive, good health, strong relationships, etc. For some of us, like myself, I craved approval and if I did not get it I became depressed and angry. Some of us are addicted to worry, in which we can’t help ourselves, we just can’t stop worrying. How about shopping, eating too much, sugar, anger, pornography, sex, tobacco use, etc.? Do you see where you may have an addiction? Is there something you can’t possibly give up or you cannot control doing? Often a person has more than one addition.

For example, I had a serious addiction to anger. I could not control it; it controlled me. I was angry about everything.  Moreover, I was very embarrassed by it and it was destroying my family; I had to find the solution, and I did. Christian people would say that anger and rage are a sin and to repent and I would agree but when an issue has control of you then you have a mental stronghold that protects wrong beliefs.  Consequently, the wrong beliefs control what we think, feel, and how we behave and react. I discovered the key to destroying these mental strongholds and changing the wrong beliefs they protect.

I have broken all my addictions (i.e. compulsive bad habits, practices, and desires) which I describe on my website where I write about why we have addictions and how to break them. I do want to note that I begin my research with my own experience and how I recovered from many issues that controlled my behavior, namely the trauma memories of abuse that lead me to have various addictions. I have shared the information on my website with many women that come to my county jail Bible study, who have various addictions, and I have seen incredible transformations in their lives. One of the women had an addiction to lying, which caused her to extort money from people, which then landed her in the state pen. I watched her work through her issues that led to her addiction to lying through using the information on my website, it really does work. These women leave with the hope of being free from their addictions and living a healthy life for the sake of their children and grandchildren. I hope you visit my website.

Furthermore, all addictions have a compulsion element, a pleasure element, and a regret element. The element that indicates a person has an addiction is regret. You might say, “I wish I would not do that.” Or, “I want to stop but I can’t help myself.” What are your regretful comments? There is hope.

Author: Joyce Holzman Hanscom

I teach the women in the county jail how to discover a new reality for their lives. Discovering a new reality is acheived when we transform painful memories and remove negative heart issues. When negative issues are removed, then we can love from a pure heart.

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